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You’re interested in either joining or enrolling one of your children into our Karate club.

All About the Family

Our Family Classes are a great opportunity to experience the wonderful world of Karate right alongside your child. These classes teach the lessons needed for both success in their daily school activities and in our adult professional lives. This togetherness is a chance to build a common bond with your children to help create a stronger family.

One thing that makes Sutemi Shukokai Karate Ryu different is that we offer Family Classes as well as independent youth and adult training sessions. This gives parents the option to train with their family, to get some time with other adults, or to mix and match the two and train sometimes together and sometimes separately.

Have you trained in Karate in the past and want to get your child or children involved in the martial arts?

Why not introduce them to our club by taking part with them? If you have trained before in Karate and can produce proof of the grade that you finished at (either your old licence or even your certificates) we will recognise that grade and you will be able to wear that belt.

Of course it may be some time before you’re up to speed and ready to take another grade but we believe that you have earned the right to wear that particular belt and nobody can take it away from you.

If you haven’t got any evidence, we will even help you get in touch with your old club, former instructor or as a last resort the association that you belonged to, to try to get you the proof that you need.

Learning alongside your child or children gives a feeling of self-confidence to your child and helps them get over their early nerves. It is also quality time for you as a parent.

Remember... The family that kicks together, sticks together


At approximately three-monthly intervals (or when you have the required quota of lessons) we have a grading (which is a form of examination). There are costs involved there – but if you are not interested in “going through the belts” there will be no gradings and therefore no cost.

If you come up to the required standard you will qualify for your next colour of belt. You must attend a minimum amount of lessons before you will be invited to take part in a grading.

How often should I train?

Ideally, twice a week. We find that those who train regularly don’t have a problem remembering the moves that they have been taught and therefore are a lot more content in the lesson. If, however, you want to make the three month schedule then twice one week and once the next will give you the necessary amount of lessons to qualify.

White (White/Red) Belt 10th Kyu  Three Months and Twenty Five Lessons to next grade Gradings
Red Belt 9th Kyu  Three Months and Twenty Five Lessons to next grade
Yellow Belt 8th Kyu Three Months and Twenty Five  Lessons to next grade
Orange Belt 7th Kyu Three Months and Twenty Five  Lessons to next grade
Green Belt 6th Kyu Three Months and Twenty Five Lessons to next grade
Blue Belt 5th Kyu Three Months and Twenty Five Lessons to next grade
Purple Belt 4th Kyu Six Months and Forty Lessons to next grade
Brown Belt (Brown/White) 3rd Kyu Six Months and Forty Lessons to next grade
Brown Belt (Brown/Red)  2nd Kyu Six Months and Forty Lessons to next grade
Brown Belt (Brown/Black) 1st Kyu Twelve Months and Eight Lessons to Dan grade
Black Belt 1st Dan Twenty Four Months and 160 Lessons to next grade
Black Belt 2nd Dan Thirty Six Months and 240 Lessons to next grade
Black Belt 3rd Dan  Forty Eight Months and 320 Lessons to next grade


Gradings are optional not compulsory. When a student has obtained the minimum amount of lessons he/she is eligible to grade; they will be invited to grade if Sensei thinks that they are good enough and ready.

FEKO insurance & Sutemi Licence

As a part of the Federation of Martial Arts we are affiliated to the Federation of English Karate Organisations (F.E.K.O.). Every student, every year has to apply for their licence.

This annually renewable licence contains your mandatory personal and member-to-member insurance. A full schedule is available on request. This licence is also necessary for you to be eligible to take gradings as they fall due.

Club Membership

Please note that this annual membership is current only for ONE year and falls due at the start of every year (January). This annual charge is a contribution for the club’s subscription to the above.

It further qualifies you to visit the technical website which houses a comprehensive video library with all the elements of your Karate training for you to view at your leisure.

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