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We are a Shukokai based Karate club in Bury, Greater Manchester, England.

We see ourselves as being the best in Bury, Greater Manchester; of all the Karate Clubs in Bury, ours is the best by far. We have been teaching Karate in the Bury area for over thirty years and have a long association with both Bury and Radcliffe.

The obvious benefit from learning Karate is the improvement of physical health. The student learns to exercise regularly several times a week, which is one of the most useful lifetime habits.

This results in balancing blood pressure and circulation, lowering the cholesterol level, and reducing the number of visits to the doctor. Moreover the student gets flexible muscles and joints, which improves a person’s well-being.

Building self-esteem and confidence is based on the fact that the students sets a goal, puts his mind on it, does whatever it takes, achieves the goal and at the end gets promoted to the next belt.

In a nutshell that is the formula for success in life. The student sets a goal to become a black belt. A journey of thousands of miles that can be walked through step by step. Karate becomes a way of life that provides self-confidence, self-esteem, discipline and well-being!

Who Are We? Shukokai Karate in Bury
Why Choose Us? Bury Karate Club

Why Choose Us?

When choosing a Karate Club, you need to be sure about a number of key issues, among them:

  • Is the Club friendly?
  • Will I or my child be made to feel welcome?
  • Can the Karate Club look after my personal needs?
  • Have the Club got a proven history with regards to health and safety?
  • Are there adequate Instructors?
  • Does it represent good value for money?

The answer is YES! If your choice is based on the above and even more besides, then ours is the club to join!

Well that’s about it! So why should you choose us? Well, for starters we don’t pack members in like sardines; there is all the space you could ever need and more besides.

Our Instructors are all black belts with many years coaching experience and accreditation. We are a friendly club who prides itself on tradition and our teaching methods are second to none.

Whether you’re thinking about self-defence, getting fit or just to get yourself out of the house to do something, then Shukokai Karate is for you!

We can offer confidence to children who are uncomfortable at school, perhaps they are being bullied, or maybe you just can't budge them from in front of the TV or a computer. Perhaps they don't even want to venture outdoors and mix with their peers, we can't offer a solution for every eventuality but we can offer a way of life that will shape the rest of their lives!

Mission Statement Bury Karate Club

Mission Statement

The mission of Sutemi Shukokai Karate Ryu is to engender martial artists with a spirit of mutual respect and purpose for all people regardless of age, sex, colour or creed.

Other goals include the following:

  • To host courses and seminars to provide expert instruction to all members.
  • To have a positive impact on club members by teaching them about the values of respect, courtesy and the self-confidence that comes from knowing how to protect oneself.
  • To provide a fair promotion system for all martial artists.
  • To be an organisation that is free of politics and egos.
  • To provide inspiration of personal excellence through our example as Black Belts both in and out of the dojo.
Mission Statement Martial Arts in Bury

We are known by two main names, the oldest is Elton Karate Club, whilst the newer more traditional name is Sutemi Shukokai Karate Ryu. We are not new, rather we have been established in excess of over thirty years.

The style of Karate taught is Shukokai which means "The Way for All". We are based at the Blackburne Hall which is one of the church rooms at the rear of Bury Parish Church which is on the Rock in Bury. You get to us by going down the side of the Two Tubs pub and turning right. There are lots of FREE parking bays.

We have been established in the local area for so many years now, that you know we won't be here today and gone tomorrow. We cater for all classes, groups and creeds. We have no discriminations of any kind, whatsoever.

If you want to join and are serious about the martial arts, you are more than welcome!

Our mix is about 90% children and 10% adults and the achievements of our students are second to none.

Our Credentials Karate Classes in Bury

Our Credentials

We are based at the Blackburne Hall (rear of Bury Parish Church) The Rock, Bury and we train on Wednesdays and Fridays 7.00 until 8.00 pm.

We have been teaching in the Bury area for over thirty years and have a long association with both Bury and Radcliffe.

We see ourselves as being the best in the local area. Our instructors are all FEKO registered and certificated and our chief instructor, Stewart Procter (Seventh Dan) is a City & Guilds approved N.V.Q. Assessor.

We are members of the Federation of Martial Arts who are in turn affiliated to the Federation of English Karate Organisations (FEKO).  FEKO are part of the English Karate Council who are members of the World Union of Karate-Do Federations.

Our Credentials English Karate and Bury Karate Club

Affiliations Martial Arts Classes


FEKO is one of the largest groups in Britain with 17000 registered members in 73 Associations. FEKO International is in direct membership to the World Union of Karate-Do Federations and the World United Karate Organization.

The Federation holds an NSPCC endorsed Child Protection Policy for the Martial Arts.

FEKO offers a Criminal Records Bureau service for disclosure for FEKO members. For CRB issues please contact Jim Reece, Honorary Secretary, on 0113 2690383 or jim@feko.co.uk

All our instructors are FEKO certificated black belt instructors and I am both FEKO and City & Guilds certificated Coach Assessor (he who assesses those who wish to instruct) at N.V.Q. levels II and III. I hope this information is enough to persuade you to give us a try!

We look forward to seeing you soon! If you need any more information, please feel free to ask.

Thank you for visiting our website; we look forward to seeing you soon!

Our Senior Instructors

Our Senior Instructors Sensei Stewart Procter 7th Dan

Sensei Stewart Procter

7th Dan

Sensei Procter has run a club in the Bury and Radcliffe areas for over thirty-five years. In this time he has introduced thousands of people to the Martials Arts and is ever mindful of the advantages that it provides for people to face their daily lives. With this wealth of experience (at club and competition level) he is able to ensure that all learn karate at the highest standard.

Our Senior Instructors Sensei Drew Bell 3rd Dan

Sensei Drew Bell

4th Dan

Sensei Bell is one of the two other Senior Instructors at the club. He has trained here for over a decade and is a valuable teacher with lots of patience when it comes to teaching newcomers and helping them overcome their nerves and insecurity in a strange environment. His full time profession is as a High-School Teacher (BA Hons American History) so is an expert in understanding how people learn. 

Our Senior Instructors Sensei John Fairclough 3rd Dan

Sensei John Fairclough

4th Dan

Sensei Fairclough is the other Senior Instructor at the club. He adds an invaluable dimension to certain aspects of the teaching as he is a fully qualified physiotheraphist who is always available for advice for students experiencing minor twinges and niggling injuries. In his teaching, he motivates and enthuses pupils through specific feedback that helps them to progress.

Sutemi Shukokai Karate Ryu has been based in the Bury and Radcliffe area in excess of 30 years. Nobody teaches the martial arts better than us; we are the experts! Come along and give us a try!
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