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Below you will find all the information that you need to set you on your way in Karate.

We like to separate our newcomers from the more experienced students to begin with. This gives them a chance to go at their own pace and to become relaxed in their new surroundings. We segregate them from the main body of the class although they do remain in the same training hall.

As soon as they feel that they are ready for the transition, however, we will integrate them into the class proper.

Our beginner’s class is on a Friday, however, if this is unsuitable we can accomodate you on a Wednesday. Why not take the opportunity to leave your child with us whilst you shop at the local Tesco store? Imagine that; blissful no-hassle shopping and your loved one can enjoy the experience too!


FRIDAY 7:00 - 8:00 PM

WEDNESDAY 7:00 - 8:00 PM

Who is suited? Martial arts in Bury

Who is Suited?

We are looking to recruit a special type of person for our Karate club.

They don't have to be over-athletic, they don't have to be over-intelligent. We will come on to their attributes later, first what can we do for them?

We can offer confidence to children who are uncomfortable at school, perhaps they are being bullied, or maybe you just can't budge them from in front of the TV or a computer.

Perhaps they don't even want to venture outdoors and mix with their peers. We can't offer a solution for every eventuality but we can offer a way of life that will shape the rest of their lives!

Who is suited? Joing a Karate Club in Bury
What do we teach our Young Students? Self defense in Bury

What do we teach our Young Students?

  • Co-ordination - we teach them right from left and encourage both the left and right side of the brain to work and to work efficiently at that!
  • Confidence - by being part of an active group teaches them to integrate and express themselves
  • Concentration - they are encouraged to not only listen but to actively think, make decisions and react to a surprise situation
  • Calm - to rationally and calmly make critical decisions in a stressful environment
  • Discipline - to subscribe to a disciplined regime where upon, if they do not perform to their capability there will be forfeits and accordingly they are taught to control their temper, and not to betray their emotions if a situation dictates that they should not.
  • Respect - this is two-fold; and regards them respecting others as well as themselves
Have you trained in Karate in the past and want to get your child or children involved in the martial arts? Why not introduce them to our club by taking part with them? If you have trained before in Karate and can produce proof of the grade that you finished at (either your old licence or even your certificates) we will recognise that grade and you will be able to wear that belt. Of course it may be some time before you’re up to speed and ready to take another grade but we believe that you have earned the right to wear that particular belt and nobody can take it away from you. If you haven’t got any evidence, we will even help you get in touch with your old club, former instructor or as a last resort the association that you belonged to, to try to get you the proof that you need. Learning alongside your child or children gives a feeling of self-confidence to your child and helps them get over their early nerves. It is also quality time for you as a parent. All About the Family Our Family Classes are a great opportunity to experience the wonderful world of Karate right alongside your child. These classes teach the lessons needed for both success in their daily school activities and in our adult professional lives. This togetherness is a chance to build a common bond with your children to help create a stronger family. One thing that makes Sutemi Shukokai Karate Ryu different is that we offer Family Classes as well as independent youth and adult training sessions. This gives parents the option to train with their family, to get some time with other adults, or to mix and match the two and train sometimes together and sometimes separately. Remember... The family that kicks together, sticks together.

RESPECT is a crucial word when it comes to martial arts!

All our students are taught that they should have respect for the following individuals:

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Family Members
  • School
  • Fellow Students
  • Your Dojo
  • Other People
  • School Property
  • And any other situation or person where respect is called for and merited.
Benefits Shukokai Bury Karate Club


What do we give to young students?

A foundation for life and a foundation for living. An infrastructure which will meet all the demands of their coming life and yet enable them to flourish.

  • Confidence
  • Courage
  • Self-respect
  • Self-esteem
  • Respect for their peers
  • Respect for their property
  • Respect for adults
  • Opportunity to express themselves in a controlled environment
Student Creed Karate Clubs in Bury

Student Creed

Karate teaches young people how to behave in the right place at the right time. They are taught manners and gradually introduced to discipline; this of course is all important in the Martial Arts.

  • I the student respect others
  • My aim is high
  • The journey may be long, I may stumble
  • Throughout this, I will stay humble
  • I will never strike unless in need
  • I am a follower of this worthy creed.
  • The Dojo
  • Other People
  • School Property
  • And any other situation/person where respect is called for and merited.
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